Net View

Net View 4.7

Graphical interface for JAVAD GNSS receivers
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Manage various paramaters of the JAVAD GNSS receivers and issue commands. View the tracked satellites and the receiver's current position in real time, enable or disable file recording, connect to multiple receivers simultaneously.

NetView is a free application allowing the user to easily control JAVAD GNSS receivers, i.e. allowing efficiently managing receiver parameters and commands via a user friendly graphical interface.

Main features:

- Directly connect to the receiver, using one of the following interfaces: serial, USB, TCP/IP (through the Ethernet ports or Wi-Fi adapter), Secure TCP/IP (SSL/TSL), Bluetooth, CAN (Kvaser CAN Interface).
- 5 slots to store the most frequently used connection settings.
- Real time sattelites mapping.
- Setup of various parameters of receiver.
- Clear NVRAM, receiver reset, return to the initial parameter values.
- Start and stop file recording, deleting files, downloading files using file manager.
- View the currently enabled receiver options; upload Options to the receiver.
- Manual mode terminal allows sending commands with prompt tip and view receiver response. This terminal supports a TCL script language to automate the "common" receiver control tasks.
- Connecting to multiple receivers.
- Support for multiple connections to the receiver for optimized simultaneous work.

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